The last redundant thing in our life has finally given up. Thanks to Datsun!

In this modern world surrounded by computers, our cellphone has been the center of our life. From playing games to street navigation, those things are done on our cellphone instead of a hundred of separate devices in the past. We simply do not use a dedicated device for one purpose no more. For example, we do not buy GPS PND anymore. In fact, most of the PND navigation company like Garmin are trying very hard to survive and stop losing consumers by making their PNDs to communicate with our cellphones. Nintendo DS, Garmin nuvi, flashlight, calculator, walkman, or even iPod had been our past.

This only left one thing: car multimedia system. Car companies are making their multimedia system to do everything just to tell you that how advanced their system is. They offer MP3 capability, GPS navigation, or even an internet browser, and obviously FM radio. Wait, even an $200 smartphone (e.g Nokia Lumia 520/521) could do that already, even better. Why bother buying redundant things? Car companies are making this even more complicated by adding slow and complicated multi level menu to make your life even more complicated than what it already is. In fact, a survey conducted by J.D Power found that the most complained things in a car is the multimedia system. Worse, most car companies are embracing LCD touchscreen to make it looks even more sophisticated, but for real, it only reminds you on how suck the touchscreen is compared to your phone.

There are some cars that offer auxiliary or bluetooth connectivity, allowing your phone to be connected to the car audio system. However, they do not want to stop you from buying unnecessary redundant stuff that your phone already capable of. If you just want a single connection for your phone, you better buy the navigation system, voice command system, CD player, FM radio, or even satellite radio.

Datsun Go's dashboard

The good news is, somebody finally did it. The car that is cheap, but offers MP3 capability, GPS navigation, an internet browser, FM radio, and voice command, if you have a smartphone. It is the inexpensive $7000 Datsun Go. If you happen to be a Gen Y guy, you probably need to know that Datsun is a company owned by Nissan that stop producing cars 32 years ago, and now it is their comeback. The planner and the engineers know that we do not want to waste our money on unnecessary stuff. They tried to remove every single feature that we do not need anymore.

The face of Datsun Go’s multimedia system is very simple. It consists of only 1 power button, 3 adjuster (volume, treble, bass), and an auxiliary port, no more. Yes, no tuner, no screen, because your phone already has one. in fact, the face is very simple that it only occupies half of the normal single DIN space. The other half? Of course it is reserved for your phone, telling everybody that nobody need an overcomplicated car audio system no more. Yes, Datsun is going in the right direction!

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