Acer W700 guide for new users

Install the latest WiFi+bluetooth driver

Acer W700 comes with buggy WiFi driver.

Thanks to the Acer Community forum (thread:, we know that the version 251 of Atheros WiFi driver is stable. Just open, then use “Find in Page” feature to search for 251, then download it

Acer has made the official solution, download from the official support site

Get 15GB more free space

The W700 comes with a mere 64 gigs of storage space. For most of us that is coming from a laptop, that is going to filled up soon. Here’s a little guide to squeeze out every last gig of the unused space.

Original Windows 8 apps are sitting in your SSD drive no matter what you do. It stays there even after its updated, therefore, it takes unnecessary space. This gets even worse on the W700 which comes with too many bloats, and small amount of storage, especially on the 64GB model

This method is much easier on the first boot, you will need to reinstall all Windows store apps.

0. Do not update or install apps from the Store. In fact, do not open the Store at all
1. Uninstall all Metro apps, but DO NOT UNINSTALL Desktop, Store, and Internet Explorer
2. Download Take Ownership registry file and install it (áownership-to-explorer-right-click-menu-in-vista/)
3. Navigate to C:\Program Files\
4. Check “Hidden items” on the View tab of the File Explorer
5. Right click on WindowsApps, and click “Take Ownership”
6. Delete all folders EXCEPT “Microsoft.Media.PlayReadyClient”, “Microsoft.VCLibs”, and “Microsoft.WinJS” (there might be several folders for each), if failing, right click on each folder and click Take Ownership
7. Download Revo Uninstaller Pro trial (
8. Click Tools > Options > Uninstaller, then clear “Make a System Restore Point” and “Backup the deleted registry items”
9. Uninstall the apps you don’t use
WTTouch is the Acer Ring
Device Control is the Device Control in Acer Ring (you don’t need it if you remove Acer Ring)
The Shared C runtime is used by McAfee, if you remove McAfee, then you can safely remove it
Office addin is AcerCloud addin for Office, if you do not use Office, or AcerCloud, you can safely remove it
10.I did NOT uninstall these apps:
Acer Power Management
Atheros Driver
Dolby Home Theather
Entries that starts with Intel
Microsoft Visual C++
Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Suite
Qualcomm Atheros WiFi
Realtek High Definition
11. Now you can open Store and reinstall all the apps you need (open menu, then tap “Your Apps”)

Recovering without Keyboard and Mouse (but sadly you still need external DVD drive)

1. Insert the System DVD into the DVD drive
2. Open Settings > Change PC settings > General > Advanced Startup > Turn off your PC, then wait until the fan turned off
3. Hold down the Windows key, then press power button with the Windows button pressed
4. You will see the BIOS
5. Tap Boot on the left, then press the up button beside “USB CDROM” until it ended on top of the list
6. Tap Exit on the left, and tap Exit Saving Changes
7. If succeed, you will see longer than usual Acer boot screen, followed by the guided recovery

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