Copy all files (with directories) through ADB (push)

I recently finds this method when I’m using the XXJPU ROM for Samsung Galaxy S where we can’t copy files more than 2.18 GB.

So, here are the method :

1. Using the notepad, enter the text below, and save as .bat file :

DIR <PATH> /B/S/A:-D>list.txt

Example :

DIR “D:\i897\REMASTERED” /B/S/A:-D>list.txt

2. Run the .bat file
3. Open the newly-created list.txt file on the same folder
4. Open Microsoft Excel (or equivalent like Calc)
5. copy everything in list.txt to column C on Microsoft Excel
6. Back to list.txt, click Edit > Replace (CTRL+H)
7. On the Find What, enter \
8. On the Replace with, enter /
9. Click Replace All
10. Click Edit > Replace (CTRL+H) again
11. On the Find What, enter <PATH> that you entered before
Example: D:\i897\REMASTERED
12. On the Replace with, delete any text on it, make it empty
13. Click Replace All
14. Copy all the text to column G on the Microsoft Excel
15. On the column A, type “adb push “, (without quotes, don’t forget the space after push, so it’s not “adb push“)
16. On the column B,D, and H just enter a quote sign:
17. On the column E just enter a space
18. On the column F enter “/sdcard/
19. Copy each column A,B,D,E,F, and H to all rows that has text in column C and G
20. Open new Notepad (don’t use the last one)
21. Copy all the text in Microsoft Excel into the Notepad window
22. Block any long space in the file (longer than normal space, usually space between text from a column to another column), then right click > Copy
23. Click Edit > Replace (CTRL+H)
24. On the Find What, right click > Paste
25. On the Replace with, delete any text on it, make it empty
26. Click Replace All
27. Save the file as a .bat file

28. Open Command prompt
29. type cd <path of android-sdk/tools>

cd C:/android-sdk/tools

30. Press Enter
31. drag the last .bat file to the Command Prompt window
32. Press Enter

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