30 steps for Darky’s 5.2 ROM (JPU) in Samsung Captivate

Why I choose the Darky’s ROM?
1. It is based on the latest firmware from Samsung (XXJPU)
2. It has Android 2.2.1 (a bit better than the 2.2)
3. Very smooth and has cooler animation (tweaked)
4. It has Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) theme, looks much like the latest Google Nexus S
5. It is fully compatible with Voodoo lagfix (if you want)
6. It has better cellular antenna reception than most ROMs (I haven’t tried for GPS)
7. It has complete apps from Samsung (yes, it has “Write and Go”), but, you can remove if you don’t want these apps
8. It has 3 launchers (homescreen app) : Android 2.3 (gingerbread) launcher, Samsung TouchWiz, and LauncherPRO
9. Compatible with Reoriented kernel (easier to install, the SetiroN SuperOptimized kernel needs Odin, while this Reoriented kernel can be installed via ClockWork Mod)
10. No other ROM that has 9 advantages above!

First, you need :
1. Stock I897UCJF6 firmware (Odin One-Click Downloader)

Download from [STOCK ROM] Odin3 One-Click Downloader and Drivers CAPTIVATE ONLY or {Stock Rom} Odin JF6 with 3 button fix.
I use the first one, because when I downloaded, the second one hasn’t there yet, but I think the second one is better, but I haven’t tried it, so the tutorial (by me) only available for the first one only.

2. CWM (ClockWork Mod) for Samsung Captivate
I will upload it. Download “ROM Manager” app from the Android Market, Install. After installation, open that app, than tap “Flash ClockWork Recovery” (the first one), then choose “Galaxy S Captivate“. Requires internet connection.

3. Darky’s ROM
★ [ROM] [11.12.2010] Darky’s v5.2 Gingerbread Edition ★ XXJPU ★

4. Reoriented kernel for Captivate (NOT the CyanogenMod one)
[kernel][froyo] I9000 reoriented v2.2.1 12.10.2010
download the .zip one like I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1.zip or I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1_bln.zip
DO NOT DOWNLOD THE .TAR one like I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1.tar or I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1_novoo.tar

5. It is recommended to have disable-lagfix and disable lagfix in Voodoo folder in /sdcard/ (internal SD card, the built-in 16 GB one). If there’s no Voodoo folder, just create one. Recommended since the JPU ROM doesn’t have significant lag problems like in previous ROMs

6. It is recommended to remove microSD card and SIM card (if any)
7. It is recommended to fully charge the battery before starting step 2


1. Backup all your data, apps, bla bla bla. Everything will be removed except /sdcard/ (internal 16 GB memory) and external microSD (if any)


Now, we’re going to stock first.

IF YOU ALREADY IN STOCK JF6 firmware, you don’t have to follow the steps below, and jump to step 10
2. Open I897UCJF6.exe file that you downloaded, wait until the Odin window shows
If you’re on Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7, you have to right click on the I897UCJF6.exe, then choose “Run as Administrator
3. Turn off your Captivate
3. Hold down the Volume Up and Volume Down button
If you’re on i9000 firmware, you need to press Volume Up + Home (Yes, the touchkey one) or Volume Down + Home
4. Plug your Captivate onto your computer (with the Volume Up + Volume Down still pressed)
5. Wait until the screen shows yellow android robot logo, with yellow text like “Downloading…” and “Do not turn off target!!!”
6. Now, you can remove your finger from Volume Up + Volume Down
7. Click Start (on Odin)
8. You have to move your cursor (without clicking) all the time while flashing due to the buggy Odin
9. The Odin will show “Removed!”, then remove the cable

Now, we’re gonna copy all the stuff we need to copy

10. Wait until the Captivate shows the homescreen
11. Press Menu > Settings > Applications > USB Setting > Mass Storage
12. Back > Back > Back
13. Now, plug your Captivate onto your computer again
14. On the Captivate, press “Click to move/copy data to your computer
15. Tap “Mount
16. Now, there should be a drive in “My Computer” (“Computer” in Windows Vista)
17. Copy Darky’s ROM and Reoriented Kernel to the root of that drive
So, there should be 3 files on the drive :
update.zip <– a file from ClockWork Mod Recovery
Darkys_v5.2_Gingerbread_Edition_Voodoo_signed.zip <– Darky’s ROM
I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1_bln.zip <– Reoriented kernel (_bln is optional)
Based on your computer setting, sometimes the computer hides .zip extension at the end of the filename.
18. On the computer, “Safely Remove Hardware“, then choose that drive
19. Turn off the Captivate


Now, we will install the Darky’s ROM to the Captivate

20. Go into recovery (by holding Volume Up + Volume Down + Power button, when the AT&T World Phone shows, wait for 1 second then release the Power button)
21. Choose “Reinstall Package
Use the Volume button to choose items in the menu, and Power button to select the highlighted item
22. The phone should reboot
23. Choose “Reinstall Package” again
24. Now, you should be in ClockWork Mod
25. Choose “Wipe Data/Factory Reset
26. Choose “Install ZIP from sdcard“, then “Choose ZIP from sdcard
27. Choose “Darkys_v5.2_Gingerbread_Edition_Voodoo_signed.zip
28. Do the step 26-27 again for the “I9000_reoriented_v2.2.1_bln.zip
29. Choose “Reboot Now
30. Then you should be booting into Darky’s JPU ROM with Voodoo Lagfix, the first boot may take a while. If there are some voices, it’s normal.

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