HTC Sense theme for Galaxy S

Tested with Doc’s ROM XXJPO V9. In the theory, it will work on other Android 2.2 (froyo) ROMs with TouchWiz.

Most of the resources were taken from the HTC Desire, but I keep some items from Samsung :
– Spinner (loading animation)
Reason : The Samsung one looks cooler
– Progress bar
Reason : When I tried the HTC one, it keeps blinking all the time
– Music player controls (play-pause-back-forward, etc), in notification, in lockscreen
Reason : Coming soon…
– Other Samsung apps (Daily Briefing, Calendar, Music Player, etc)
Reason : Haven’t discovered how to do it

Some are Photoshop edit (by me) :
– Notification Music Player & Lockscreen Music Player
Reason : HTC doesn’t have this
– Lockscreen
Reason : I keep the “Sweep glass to Unlock” looks integrated, the arrow animation is still there, curved to match the Sense lockscreen
– Text Selector
Reason : HTC doesn’t have this
– Puzzle unlock
Reason : The Samsung one looks childish, I edit it to be circle (3D), no puzzle anymore

Some are taken from other theme :
– Shortcuts icon in notification curtain (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Silent, Rotation)
Taken from : VA Black
Reason : I will port them from the notification icons, when I have some time to do it

framework-res.apk and twframework-res.apk

Preparation :
1. Android SDK
2. Familiar with ADB
3. SGS rooted, Superuser, BusyBox (Doc’s ROM has all of them)
How to install :
1. Activate the USB Debugging (Settings > Applications > Development)
2. Plug your Galaxy S to computer
3. Run cmd
4. cd<space><Android SDK location>\android-sdk-windows\tools
For example, my Android SDK is on the C:\ drive
so, I type

cd C:\android-sdk-windows\tools

5. Just to test, type adb then press enter, if the cmd returns “not recognized”, you have to configure your adb (Android SDK)
6. adb push <apk path><space>/sdcard/ (do it for both files)
<apk path> is path for the APK file you just downloaded
For example, the path is “C:\Users\Patrick\Downloads\framework-res.apk”
In Windows Vista or 7, hold shift then right click on the APK file, then click “Copy as path”, then you can paste on the cmd (you have to right click, you cannot use the CTRL+V).


adb push “C:\Users\Patrick\Downloads\framework-res.apk” /sdcard/

The methods above can be replaced by copying both files to the internal SD (/sdcard/)

These steps below are the steps to install the APK, be careful since it may brick your phone:
1. adb shell
2. su (grant su rights on your phone when asked)
3. mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
4. rm system/framework/twframework-res.apk
5. rm system/framework/framework-res.apk
6. busybox cp sdcard/twframework-res.apk system/framework
7. busybox cp sdcard/framework-res.apk system/framework

Then exit, exit again, exit again, then you have exited cmd automatically.
Power off your Galaxy S, then turn on again to see your HTC Sense theme

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